OHTL 400kV
Patras-Megalopolis during the period August 2019- December 2019

KUEL finished the complete installation of OHTL Phase Conductors (Double Circuit with double Conductors) in the OHTL Section P 183 ÷ P 211 and Section P 264 -P256 and 2 OPGW conductors in the OHTL Section P 183 ÷ P 211 and Section P 274: P256 , along with all the necessary fittings and hardware installation.

It’s scope of work comprised transportation of materials, assembly and installation of the insulator strings for phase conductors, pulling of the phase and OPGW conductors, sagging, stringing, dead-ending.

Also included, Installation of compression joints, compression dead end clamps, repair sleeves, stock-bridge dampers, spacers, armor rods, counterweights assemblies for phase conductors and OPGW lines.


December, 2019


Atermon S.A


Patras-Megalopolis, Greece

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